16 October, 2011

I am abandoning this blog

Why? This is the first post on it in almost 3 years. I haven't even been on Webkinz for 10 months.

25 October, 2008


halloween is coming in webkinz world

05 September, 2008

travel and cooking show

sorry but i have not been on in a while

but i can see and new cooking show and travel angensey

30 June, 2008

new blog.

it is monstercjrfun.blogspot.com

05 June, 2008

cat room theme

Good bye cats rooms

The cat room theme has left? Yes it will this june.

15 May, 2008

new blog.

That is monstercjr.blogspot.com

12 May, 2008

copy of webkinz blogs

All the other webkinz blogs ?.blogspot.com is not what everyone knows but we sure do know about this. Like webkinz.blogspot.com relay turns out as stuff by duff so is that it? No way!!!! All of them are stupid! If you have a comment please do that.